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Leela Quantum Frequency Cards



  • All frequency cards are charged with pure, dynamic quantum energy and a specific frequency.
  • Elegant golden look, light and handy in a convenient credit card format.
  • Perfect everywhere on the go, when traveling and in everyday life
  • Easy to use: carry in your (trouser) pocket, wallet or under your pillow at night.
  • The mandalas on the cards are a visual expression of the respective frequency.




Intelligent energy on the go and for a wide range of everyday situations!

The Leela Quantum Tech frequency cards are charged with pure, dynamic quantum energy AND additionally individual, powerful-positive frequencies or a frequency set. Details on the respective cards can be found in the corresponding product description.

The application is more than simple, yet powerful and effective: The cards in credit card format can be carried in a trouser pocket or wallet – the main thing is that they are close to the body. They are small, inconspicuous and light in weight, ideal for anyone who is on the move a lot. They can be placed under the pillow for sleeping.

Each frequency has its own mandala, which embellishes the golden cards and is precisely matched to the frequency.

For more energy, further personal growth and to increase physical and mental well-being!

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