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Example of use

Our Leela Quantum Tech® products can create harmony in your garden and surroundings.

The effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) on plants have been researched since the 1930s, and a large number of studies have proven a connection between increased EMF density and plant damage, as well as damage to the environment.

With our quantum technology you can prevent this damage and charge the plants in your home, garden and balcony with positive quantum energy and frequencies. This can help them grow and thrive. You can also extend the life of cut flowers by placing a Leela Quantum Card or capsule next to or beneath the vase.

Our signature collection begins with the Quantum and Infinity Bloc, the H.E.A.L. Capsule and our highly popular Frequency Cards. Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy can bring to your environment.


  • Prevent plant damage
  • Support photosynthesis in your potted and garden plants
  • Extend the shelf life of cut flowers
  • Create a good sleeping environment
  • Ensure energetic balance in your garden
  • Block harmful radiation and EMF inside and outdoors

Clear and balance any unwanted energy in your home. With Leela Quantum Tech® products you can quickly and easily start the energy flowing again, neutralizing any energetic imbalance. Devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions and microwaves emit frequencies that can have a negative impact on your health and emotional wellbeing. 

Our collection of elegant and effective products have been designed to protect you, your family, friends and pets from electrosmog and harmful radiation, providing you with positive quantum energy. 

The human body is very sensitive to energies and frequencies, and if you listen to it carefully, it can be an excellent measuring device for you. Do you know the vague feeling when you enter a room and suddenly feel uncomfortable or struggle to connect with a person or place? Your body is telling you that your environment is not in balance. 

LeelaQ products can positively influence the energies in rooms and buildings, furniture and electronic equipment, in your garden and in various objects. The products can also neutralize electrosmog, the influence of water veins, radioactive radiation and other types of negative energy. 

Our signature collection begins with the Quantum and Infinity Bloc, the H.E.A.L.Capsule and our highly popular Frequency Cards. Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy can offer you.


  • Restore the energetic balance at home
  • Reduce harmful frequencies in all rooms
  • Optimize the quality of your tap water
  • Beautify your home in a healthy way
  • Create a good sleeping environment
  • Turn your balcony or garden into a place of relaxation
  • Feel the motivating energy in your home office

Quantum energy is one of the most fascinating transformation tools of our time, and its positive effects can not only benefit people, but plants and animals as well.

Animals are able to feel subtle energies without a filter, even though animals have been shown to be difficult to influence cognitively.

With our LeelaQ collection designed for animals, you can restore your pet’s energy balance and inner harmony creating a more nurturing experience for them. Your pet’s energy field will absorb the positive quantum energy, this will stimulate its self-healing powers, release physical pain and unlock emotional blockages. Your pet will find perfect balance within itself, its environment and with you.

Our signature collection begins with the Quantum and Infinity Bloc, which can be used to charge your pets food, water and bowls, etc, plus the environment spaces they live and play in. Pets also love our Quantum Pet Collars.

Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy can offer you and your pets.


  • Create a positive environment for your pet
  • Release its emotional blockages
  • Ease physical pain and prevent discomfort
  • Optimize your pets physical body
  • Help it to gain more serenity
  • Protect it from negative influences
  • Stimulate its self healing abilities

Leela Quantum Tech® products are for your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your loved ones. To increase your energy levels, activate your inner power and vitality, become more stress resistant, powerful and able to let go and enjoy each moment. 

The LeelaQ collection has been manufactured with precision and attention to detail, has been intensely researched and certified use in a wide range of circumstances.

Toxins are everywhere, our air, water and food are polluted and electrosmog is present in our everyday life. It has become all the more important than ever to protect yourself from negative influences, frequencies and radiation and make sure that your body’s own vital powers are active, and that you have enough positive energy to feel good each day. 

Our products vitalize you with quantum energy and positive frequencies all day.

We have a popular, holistic collection of wearables and devices to ensure you feel confident and protected against EMFs with the added positive touch of quantum energy.

From fashion to jewelry to lifestyle accessories, all have been proven to shield 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and WLAN frequencies by over 99.5% and at the same time releasing positive gentle energy. We only use high quality materials such as pure cotton and pure silver threads, ensuring all our LeelaQ clothes and fashion accessories are antibacterial, antiviral and odorless. 

Our collection can also protect you from 5G frequencies that can emanate from mobile networks. With frequencies of over 600 megahertz, these are significantly higher than those of conventional cell phone networks. Our collection is designed to not only neutralize these frequencies, but to convert them into frequencies and energy that your body can use to its advantage. 

We want you to feel confident and protected all day long — and look good too. For example, if you wore a Leela Quantum T-shirt, it would block electrosmog by well over 99%. In addition you’d benefit from the unique quantum energy effect that all Leela Quantum Tech® products provide.

Our wearable collection is fashionable and functional: Jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, baseball caps, soft baby hats, bracelets and more – all shield against electrosmog. Discover the possibilities that frequency technology and quantum energy can offer you.


  • Feel full of energy all day long
  • Improve your physical condition
  • Reduce sore muscles and shorten the recovery phase
  • Ease pain and activate your inner healer
  • Become more resistant to stress
  • Experience more concentration and prevent exhaustion
  • Feel more powerful
  • Know that you are protected
  • Relax and live in the moment